Exploring the "Tetrad Seni September" Exhibition at Grey Art Gallery

Exploring the “Tetrad Seni September” Exhibition at Grey Art Gallery

A Thriving Art Oasis

Grey Art Gallery, a cherished sanctuary for art enthusiasts, once again graces the art scene. They held fifth exhibition, following a series of successful showcases from February to August 2023. It opened the doors to the Solo, Duet, and Group Exhibition of Visual Arts on September 1, 2023, at 4:00 PM, inviting visitors to embark on an artistic journey at Grey Art Gallery, located on 47 Braga Street, Sumur District, Bandung City.

Grey Art Gallery Unveiling “Tetrad Seni September”

Transitioning to the heart of the exhibition, the theme of this visual arts exhibition in Grey Art Gallery is “Tetrad Seni September,” revealing a remarkable collection of 138 art pieces contributed by 12 exceptionally talented artists. These creations comprise an impressive array of 82 distinct titles, encompassing various forms of artistic expression, from paintings to sketches and intricate installations. The exhibition promises to captivate art enthusiasts throughout the entire month of October.

Exploring the "Tetrad Seni September" Exhibition at Grey Art Gallery

The Distinguished Artists

Now, let’s turn our attention to the exceptional artists featured in this exhibition. The exhibition features a select group of artists whose works promise to enrich the visual landscape. Among the featured talents are Tennessee Caroline, Dew Aditia, Dey Irfan, Prabu Perdana, and the Arkana Group, composed of Bimo Wisnu Atmojo, Fandy Dwimarjaya, Haviez Ammar, Herman Priyono, Jerojerr, Rezza Resda Kelanasukma, Rusyan Yasin, and Zahra Chinintya Rachman.

Exploring the Artworks

To gain deeper insights into the artistry on display, let’s delve into the remarkable artworks featured in this exhibition:

  • Tennessee Caroline’s “The Journey”: This piece immerses viewers in an imaginative world, reflecting the artist’s profound concern for herself and her environment. It serves as a poignant protest against environmental degradation.
  • Dew Aditia’s “Echo of My Thoughts”: Visitors are invited to explore a realm of thoughts, emotions, and reflections conveyed through visual fragments. It represents Dewi Aditia’s personal experiences and the collective journey of language as a shared sanctuary.
  • Prabu Perdana’s “Dreamscapes”: This collection presents anti-anthropocentric landscapes, crafted from the artist’s strokes and explorations. It’s important to note that these visualizations are not predictions of the future but artistic expressions of our world.
  • Collaboration between Prabu Perdana and Dey Irfan: Together, these artists explore the intricate relationship between inner landscapes and the artificiality of modern culture. Dey aims to illustrate how personal human idealism can be influenced by societal patterns, potentially leading to aspirations vastly different from their origins.

The Essence of “Arkana”

Within the tapestry of this exhibition, the title “Arkana” hints at concealed, mysterious, or enigmatic elements or concepts that lie within the art, waiting to be discovered and interpreted by the audience.

Grey Art Gallery Creating a Captivating Atmosphere

In crafting the exhibition’s environment, Angga Aditya, the CEO of Grey Art Gallery. He expressed his aspiration for this exhibition to cultivate a captivating atmosphere. He envisions a space where inspiring artworks provoke profound reflection in every visitor, igniting conversations and introspection.

Grey Art Gallery: A Creative Hub in Bandung

Grey Art Gallery has emerged as a dynamic and inspiring creative hub in Bandung City. It offers a unique artistic experience. It also fostering creative expression and art education values through an array of exhibition programs, workshops, residencies, and discussions. The gallery is committing to nurturing and celebrating the vibrant art scene in the region.

Plan Your Visit

Now that you’re acquainting with the essence of this exhibition, what are you waiting for? Embrace the opportunity to explore the “Tetrad Seni September” exhibition at Grey Art Gallery. Immerse yourself in the world of art and witness the diverse interpretations of these talented artists.

Admission Tickets:

Weekday: IDR 15,000

Weekend: IDR 25,000

Grey Art Gallery invites you to join them in celebrating the profound power of art and the boundless creativity of the human spirit. Don’t miss this chance to experience the beauty and depth of “Tetrad Seni September.”