Måneskin Unveils ‘RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)’: Sonic Odyssey Continues

Italian rock band Måneskin, known for their hit album ‘RUSH!,’ releases ‘RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)’, marking a new phase. This deluxe edition will be released on November 10, 2023, with five exciting new songs, including ‘Honey (Are U Coming?)’ ‘Valentine’, ‘Off My Face’, ‘The Driver’, and ‘Trastevere’ join this musical adventure. Standard vinyl, transparent and splatter vinyl, standard and deluxe CDs, and digital versions of the record include a stunning new artwork, a curious reversal of the original provocative design. Explore the many formats below to learn more about this musical phenomenon.

‘RUSH!’ Triumphs Again

When released in January 2023, ‘RUSH!’ became a global phenomenon, reaching #1 in 15 nations and the Top 5 in 20. Its appeal extends to streaming services, with over 1.4 billion global streams and 1 billion on Spotify alone, totaling 9.2 billion.

The ‘RUSH! World Tour’ proved successful for Måneskin, culminating in a sold-out Madison Square Garden concert. The tour sells out arenas in North and South America, Japan, Europe, the UK, Ireland, and their first Australian leg with their energy-packed live performances and stunning stage displays.

Honors and Awards for Måneskin

In addition to their expanding record of awards, Måneskin won the Best Rock award at the VMAs for their music video ‘The Loneliest.’ The Group Of The Year nominees performed ‘Honey (Are U Coming)’ live. These awards demonstrate the band’s creativity and global appeal.

Hurry! (Are you coming?) Tracklist: A Sonic Tapestry Honey (Are You Coming?)

Valentine: Off My Face

The Driver, Trastevere, Own My Mind, and Tom Morello’s Gossip.


Bla Bla Bla

Baby Said: Gasoline


Avoid Sleep

Cool Kids Read Your Diary if Not For You

Mark Chapman

Il Dono Della Vita

A Mammamia Supermodel

Loneliest Formats & Availability

‘RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)’ gives listeners a musical feast in digital and physical mediums, including:

Regular CD Deluxe CD: Includes “LOUD KIDS JOURNAL,” a 152-page photo book curated from fan contributions.

Standard black 180 gram 2LP vinyl

2LP Standard Splatter Vinyl

Vinyl translucent 2LP

The Måneskin architects of rock revival

Explore the Musical Matrix of Måneskin

Måneskin, consisting of Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio, is a distinctive global music powerhouse. Since busking as youngsters in Rome, Italy, they have gained critical acclaim and helped revive rock music worldwide.

Their recent album, ‘RUSH!,’ topped the US Billboard Alternative Albums Chart and became #1 in 15 countries and Top 5 in 20. The album, produced by Max Martin and Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, mixes English and Italian on hits including ‘Supermodel,’ ‘Mammamia,’ and ‘The Loneliest.’

Måneskin’s global supremacy includes thrilling live performances and a career-defining journey. They performed to 450,000 people worldwide on their ‘LOUD KIDS World Tour,’ ending in May 2023. At the Circo Massimo in Rome, 70,000 tickets sold for the band’s concert. They performed at Coachella, Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, and Summer Sonic (Japan).

Måneskin, with 9 billion streams and 324 global certifications (56 Gold, 251 Platinum, 17 Diamond), has been nominated for the GRAMMY Awards 2023 and won Best Rock at the MTV VMAs, confirming their leadership in the global rock resurgence.